The telephony market has differentiated characteristics and obligations., has been working for 17 years in this field and meets these needs with software that facilitates all the routines of tenants, networks, telephone franchises and Phone Operator. From the POS and Backoffice control to the complete control of the Phone Operator over its Partners.



Manager Panel

Control your entire Operation through the Dashboard with real-time information, thereby helping you make decisions


Centralized Stock

Quick and detailed information about the stock of all stores in the network


Management of Technical Assistance

Control product entry, budget, delivery and delivery with status sending to the customer



Take control of your system, release access only on the equipment you want



Fully integrated system with Mercado Livre and Pitzi Insurance



Ranking of Sellers and Stores complete


Phone Operator Rules

Always aligned with the commercial policy and rules of commissioning and reimbursement


Cloud Solution

Access your system from anywhere using a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

See how our solutions can improve your business processes

Pre-Sale – Input sales on system and leaving them ready for the till

Control of discounts and installments – Control of discounts based on the conditions of payments

Taxs Invoice – Our System allow digital invonces like NFCe, NFe, SAT and ECF for all Brazilian states

Merchandise Exchange – Control of merchandise exchange with issuance and return credit control per customer

Integration with Insurance Companies – Sale of Insurance integrated with Pitzi

Customer Loyalty – Easily profile each of them, get them back to your store and become a loyal customer

Budget – Simulation of sale with historical option for quick sale

Means of Receipt – TEF(electronic funds transfer), Credit Plans, Bank Billet, POS Identified, Purchase of used

Integration with Free Market – Control the sales of your Free Market with your store system

Offer Also – Sales empowerment through reminders of offers and promotions to the seller

Gift Voucher – Issuance of Gift Voucher

Product Kit – Offer discounts for product sales in Kit format

Inventory Indicators – Detailed Product Graphics and reports

Medium sales / brand / store ticket

Ranking of sellers / stores

Integration with ERPs

Sales Indicators and Best Selling Products

Plans and services indicators

Online Graphs with Daily Goals and Attainment


Product with Defect – Real control of available products for sale

Centralized Stock Information – Know the inventory of each of your stores to know availability and suggest better redistribution

Serial Number Traceability – Detailed supplier control, date of purchase, cost price, sale date and sale price as well as transfer history, returns and defects
Control of Goals – Individual by seller, by Shop and by Group of Stores

Online Monitoring – Targeting and trends by graphs and online reports

Ranking – Ranking Chart by sellers and stores per sale, target reached, individual production by product and category
Collection Point – Control of product collection for sending and receiving authorized and specialized assistance

Equipment Loan – Customer Equipment Loan Control

O.S. – Service Order – Complete with product entry, budget, execution and delivery, with e-mail to customer with order of service status
Vacation Control
Generation of Accounts Payable, Wages and Benefits
[One_half] – Document Center – Contract control and status ASPIX integrated with Xerox Capture

Adhesion Term Printing

Price and Rebate control [/ One_half]

Plan and Plan Trends and Franchise Control

Printing Management Framework

Submitting information to DRE WEB TIM

Integration with SIEBEL – Agilize the sale[/ One_half_last]


A testimony

“I met the when I was asked to help manage a large network of Tim stores, I verified that the system had potential and was very complete, I used the system throughout the time I was managing.
I was also very satisfied with the service of the SAC, I was always very well attended, the doubts were always clarified and when I had some difficulty the attendants of the support requested my phone and they called to help me.
Today I am opening a Tim store and I received the indication of 2 systems, I did not even get in touch with the other, I know the and the service provided and I will use the system in my new store. ”

Márcia Greco

CEO, TradeCell